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Healthcare where you know you best. Where you are supported by informed & knowledgeable GP's to meet your health goals at every life-stage. 



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Dr Ian 

Practice Owner | GP



I want to see people empowered in their health. 

I want to be a point of difference in a system that doesn't show up for everyone equally. I'm listening, I'm learning and I'm here to support whoever needs that to achieve 'their' best health. 

When I'm not at the surgery you will find me growing veggies with my partner & toddler, hitting up the best vegan food Perth has to offer and/or sticking a random handstand :)

LGBTQIA+ & Neurodiversity friendly

Dr Ed


Former Practice Owner | GP



I have enjoyed over 30 years at Foothills Medical! and deeply value the relationships I've formed with patients and their extended families.

I think staying curious has given me a deeper context to people’s lives and this informs every aspect of my practise. No two patient's or illnesses are the same and medical care should reflect that! 


I enjoy all aspects of general practice, but I have a particular  interest in chronic disease, particularly heart disease and diabetes.

Outside of medicine, I love walking and hiking, spending time with family, working the garden, fermenting and preserving foods, and
making sourdough bread - yum!

Dr Shane 




I love working at the bookends of the human lifespan - paediatrics and aged care. There is something humbling about these life stages and I feel they call for a unique kind of attentiveness. 

Outside of being a doctor I'm an active person. I love camping and getting out on the water. I also love a game of hockey. 

Dr Anne

Recently Retired | GP



A massive congratulations to Anne on her retirement! We are very sad to lose such a fundamental member of our foothills team, her time with us was invaluable, and we know many of Anne's patients will also be very sad to see her go! But - We truly wish her all the well deserved relaxation, and many years catching up on all her unread books - she deserves it!



If you're a doctor that is  passionate about quality medical care  who wants to make a difference to their patients' lives - we would love to have you in our community.

You can get in touch via our contact links here